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  • Welcome to the official website of Laizhou Bao Tong Stone Industry Co., Ltd.
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    Classic case
    Dozens of industries have been built to create thousands of fine works.
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    The hometown of stone materials in China

    Laizhou Baotong Stone Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Xiaqiu Town, Laizhou City, which is the "hometown of stone materials in China" and the "northern stone export base". It is a stone enterprise that integrates mining, economic and trade export, decoration, processing and sales. The company has a strong technical force and advanced production equipment, mainly large-scale white hemp mines and 355, 364 mines, can undertake all kinds of indoor and outdoor high-standard, difficult stone decoration projects, large-scale plate and a variety of granite mesa, matte, engineering board, multi-functional computer profiling, eaves, stone lines, arc Plate, Rome column and other special-shaped plates and tombstones carving....[Look at more]

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